Restore the Dying Trees

Challenges in Durian plantation

Durian is well known as king of fruits with its delicious taste and nutritious in tropical countries. But overuse of pesticide has destroyed the ecology system that triggered various diseases on Durian, during raining seasons.

Durian Trees suffering from Phytophthora disease will end up to be chopped down, since the disease destroyed the whole transport system of water and nutrients inside the trees.

Location:Refreshing Springs Resort, Kalumpang Selangor.
Problems:300 D24 durian trees in the resort are being attacked by Phytophthora disease. About 100 trees already died while the remaining didn‘t bear any fruits and blossoms for 2 years.

EARTH FOODS aims to:
  • Rescue the remai.ning 224 D24 durian trees.
  • Transform the dying trees to healthy trees, make them able to blossom and bear fruits.
  • Normal durian harvesting is two times per year. We aim to achieve 4 times harvest per year after 2 years.

In Nov 2015, we have customized a durian treatment program with Earth Foods :
  • Soil treatment.
  • Remove the parasites on trees.
  • Remove the weeds growing around the tree roots.
  • Apply EF- Organic Soil to degrade the toxic and pesticide residue.
  • Nourishing: Apply EF-Blue until all the nutrients were absorbed by plants completely. We estimated to restore the trees in one year.
In Jan 2016, the trees have gradually recovered from Phytophthora disease.

In April 2016, surprisingly the Durian trees were full of flowers. We applied then Earth Drinks PK to ensure the flowers can bear fruits successfully.
Due to the rainy El-Nino climate, 10% of Durian trees are infected unfortunately by the diseases again, so we applied additionally EF-600 to fight against the diseases.

In June 2016, the trees born bountiful fruits. Based on the blossom we estimated to harvest two more times within this year. Further more Earth Foods Technology improved durian fruits quality, resulting in its unique delicate creamy taste.


  • Earth Foods work on treating environmental conditions than on plant itself.
  • Through the effective recovery of field conditions and restoration of biodiversity, the natural food chain gets normal. Accordingly the immune system of our crops will be benefited and become much stronger against diseases.
  • Healthier and stronger crops give us great harvest.