Biochemical Organic Banana Plantation SOP

Challenges in Banana plantation

The existing practice of banana plantation can yield banana atmost up to 3rd generation.

  • Continuous harvesting tends to bring diseases like Fusarium and various fungal diseases on banana trees.
  • Defficiency of trace elements resulting in low product quality and quantity.
  • Accumulation of toxic substances within the soil.

Earth Foods' Targets and Results

  • Banana can be harvested up to 6th generation (with sufficient soil depth)
  • Banana fruit weight above 26-30kg. (Market can get maximum 26kg per bunch now)
  • Free from pollution, fungicide and pesticide. (The practice now is to inject chemicals on each flower to prevent disease attack)
  • Improvement in nutritional facts, anti-oxidation properties contributes to longer banana shelf life.
  • Cost reduction up to 20%

Banana Farming Stages

1. Treatment
Firstly, treated the soil with EF-Organic Soil (100% organic nutrients compound that degrade the toxic and pesticide residues. )

2. Nourishment
Applied Earth Foods that can be absorbed directly by plants.

3. Conditioning
Apply EF Liquid to prevent microbes and pests attack.

3 different customized Earth Foods (fertilizer) for different planting stage

+ 2 types of Foliage Fertilizer + Organic Soil

All Earth Foods (Green/ Blue/ Red) are WHOLE FOODS that consist of:

  • Major Nutrients
  • Secondary & Micronutrients
  • Organic Matters
  • Beneficial Bacteria

  • Applying way for each steps
  • Description
NO Day Green
Organic Soil
Day1 1,000 Bury 1kg of organic soil underneath the seedling point before planting.
1 30 days 70 Ratio 1:200 Apply Green Food after 30 days in order to promote plant growth.
2 20-25 days 70 Ratio 1:200 Continue to apply Green Food after 20-25 days in order to strengthen the plant root.
3 20-25 days 140 Ratio 1:150 Apply Blue Food the next 20-25 days as a preparation of developing plants' reproduction system for future flowering stage.
4 20-25 days 140 Ratio 1:150 Apply Green Food again the next 20-25 days in order to balance the growing rate among plant root, stem and leaves.
5 20-25 days 140 Ratio 1:150 Apply Blue Food the next 20-25 days in order to stimulate the banana flowering enzyme and protect the plants during flowering stage.
6 20-25 days 140 Ratio 1:150 Use Green Food still during flowering stage to ensure balance overall plant growth.
7 20-25 days 210 Ratio 1:150 Sufficient nutrients help in stimulating banana plants' immune system to protect their own flowers, fruits and plant body.
8 20-25 days 210 Ratio 1:150 Apply Red Food (source of Potassium) for the first time to promote fruits' growth.
9 20-25 days 210 Ratio 1:150 Strengthen the plants' immune system to prevent bacteria and pest attack.
10 20-25 days 210 Ratio 1:150 Main nutrients source to nourish the banana fruits.
Product Description
Organic Soil
  • Soil-Revive is fermented from 100% natural raw materials. It is a highly matured organic matter that helps in regulating soil pH as well as improving the soil ecology system.
  • Bury 1kg of Soil-Revive under the farming land before planting will ensure the plants to grow healthily and are more resistant to diseases attack.
  • High NPK balanced formula. 40% organic matters and 10% trace elements.
  • Use mainly in banana growing stage to promote balance overall growth rate between plant roots, stems and leaves.
  • Green Food with special formula has unique power in promoting plant roots growth which can not be done by conventional fertilisers.
  • Root system is the main part of banana plant. The development of healthy banana root system will guarantee at least 3 or up to 6 generation of banana yield in future.
  • During this period, the plant root will first develop and grow healthily while the stems and leaves tend to look thin and small comparatively.
  • The plants stem (height and diameter) and leaves will develop actively after 3 months.
  • 12-12-17 High NPK formulation, 40% of organic matters with 10% trace elements.
  • Blue Food with its unique active ingredients help to improve plants' immune system rapidly for treatment purpose.
  • Functions to regulate plants' hormones and promote flowering in crops.
  • Promotes plants to bear fruits with improved quality and higher anti-oxidantion properties.
  • Usage: Amount required is only half of those conventional compound fertilizers.
  • High overall NPK formula with higher K value and lower P content, 40% organic matters, 10% trace elements.
  • Red Food is essential for bearing fruits stage. It functions to promote fruits' development.
  • Rich in organic matters that help in developing healthier, nutritious fruits with better taste and texture.
Liquid NP
  • Foliage liquid fertilizer with 90% of organic matters, high in good bacteria, enzyme and trace elements.
  • With pest repellent odors.
  • Promotes roots growth and protects roots from diseases attack.
  • Improves soil oxygen content and promotes plant growth.
  • Treatment functions in inhibiting pathogen propagation.
  • Suitable to be applied on crops within period with no flowers and fruits.
  • For critical case, use with chemical pesticides. Liquid NP can degrade the pesticides residue within 6 hours.
Liquid PK
  • Having the same functions and properties as Liquid NP but to be applied during flowering and fruits-bearing period.
  • Promotes flowering and fruitful yields.

Earth Foods Banana Plantation Trial Site

Location :UPM Banana Plantation Trial Site, Puchong Gateway

Purpose :To Study the application of Earth Foods (EF) vs Chemical Fertilizer (CF) on Banana Growth

Research unit
1. University Putra Malaysia, UPM (Agriculture) Kuala Lumpur
2. International Banana exporter.

Growing Rate of Banana Trees

Even though the trees using CF are taller than EF trees for about 2 feet. But:

(a) Their trunks are thinner
(b) Their leaves are yellowish.

Diameter of Banana Trunk/ Chlorophyll Content of Banana Leaves

Banana Trees with Earth Foods:

(a) have thicker and stronger trunks.
(b) obtained sufficient nutrients supply from Earth Foods to support the growth of 2nd generation baby plants.

This means that after harvesting the 1st generation, banana with CF have to wait for another 6 months for 2nd batch. While banana with EF need only 4 months.

Greener plants indicate that they are having more chlorophyll to carry out photosynthesis process effectively.

Antibody Content

Results showed that Banana Trees with Earth Foods consist of white powder

Besides having stronger root system, banana tree that used Earth Foods is having white powder that cover its whole plant body. 

Based on the observation by plant researchers, majority of insects do not prefer to stop on banana trees that are covered by white powder thus we predict this white powder to possess the pest repellent properties.

We are yet to prove this phenomena scientifically. We have delivered the sample to University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) to investigate on the Defence-Related Genes study in order to prove this observation.


Species : Cavendish

Standard Weight : 25kg

Harvested Weight : 29 to 32kg