Paddy Rice

Biochemical Organic Rice Cultivation SOP

Earth Foods Rice Cultivation

This is a unique Bio-ecological farming method applied in order to achieve optimum growth of healthy paddy rice by using Earth Foods (EF), a type of Biochemical Organic fertilizers with NPK value 38%, TE 10% and Organic Matters 40%. This physically healthy paddy rice will be able to fight against diseases attack with its own natural immune system.

Experimental Purpose
  • To improve the resistance towards diseases attack
  • To enhance the development of root system and to increase the fibrous root
  • To increase the number of tillers and rice pinnacles per rice bunch
  • To increase rice yield
  • To minimize the use of pesticide and fungicide
Special Additional Experiments

We emphasize in strengthening the growth of root system to form more developed fibrous roots which act as an accumulation point of microbe colonies so that plants can have sufficient self-supply of microbe groups. These plant's roots that will not undergo aging easily resulting in high regeneration power.

Remain the rice roots after harvesting. Continue to apply fertilizers in order to promote continuous growth.

To achieve the ultimate goal of continuous rice cultivation in order to reduce seedling and labor consumption.

Shorten the plant growth period in order to save production and labor cost.

Fertilizing Method

Solid Earth Foods : Day 0~Day 50
Liquid Earth Drinks : Day 0~Day 110

Earth Foods (EF-P) are WHOLE FOODS that consist of:

  • Major Nutrients
  • Secondary & Micronutrients
  • Organic Matters
  • Beneficial Bacteria

Sustainable Non-Toxic Rice Farming Method

  • Instructions
  • Description
Descriptions Instructions
Earth Foods quantity for each application Use 5 bags of EF-P (50kg per bag) for each 1 hectare of cultivation land for each application.
Application Frequency Apply EF-P once in every 20 days. Spray liquid PK (Ratio 1:150) at the same time during each application.
Apply EF-P 3 times within 50 days. (Total consumption of EF-P= 15 bags)
Stop applying solid EF-P after day 50. But continue to spray liquid PK until the rice is ready to be harvested.
Complete Circle One complete rice cultivation period is 110 days.
  • The farming method is applicable for rice species: NR 284
  • Rice is a short-term cultivated crops. It’s a form of wastage if there are excessive nutrients stored at plant body during harvesting period. Hence, the fertilizer application shall stop right after day 50.
  • A higher value of N indicates that the plant body grows bigger than the rice that will finally affect the total rice yield.
  • Formula of EF-P: NPK 15-5-18 + 5% Silicon
  • The total NPK applied within 50 days shall be taken for comparison if there is variation between local fertilizing method and the method used in India. It can be adjusted if found over dosage.
Product Description
  • 12-5-18 High NPK formulation, 40% of organic matters with 10% trace elements.
  • Contained 5% Silicon
Liquid PK
  • Foliage liquid fertilizer with 90% of organic matters, high in good bacteria, enzyme and trace elements.
  • With pest repellent odors.
  • Promotes roots growth and protects roots from diseases attack.
  • Improves soil oxygen content and promotes plant growth.
  • Teatment functions in inhibiting pathogen propagation.
  • Suitable to be applied on crops during flowering and fruits-bearing period.
  • Promotes flowering and fruitful yields.

Earth Foods Rice Cultivation Trial Site

Rice Species : NR 284
Location : Paddy Field Sekinchan, Selangor, Malaysia
Trial Site Coverage Area : 1 Hectar
Date : 23rd July 2016

Research unit:
University Tunku Adbul Rahman (UTAR), Kampar Perak.
Sekinchan Paddy Field Partners

Rice Physical Comparison

1. Length Differences

  • Plant with chemical fertilizers (CF) is with height 47 inch.
  • Plant with Earth Foods is with height 54 inch.
2. Weight Differences
  • Plant with chemical fertilizers (CF) weigh 250g.
  • Plant with Earth Foods weigh 650g.
3. Quantity of Rice Tiller and Pinacles
  • Plant with chemical Fertilizer (CF) has 19 tillers per bunch.
  • Plant with Earth Foods has 30 tillers per bunch.
  • Percentage differences = 36.67 %
4. Size of Plant's Root
  • Plants with EF have more extensive root system compare to plants with CF.
5. Root structure differences
  • Plants with EF have more fibrous roots compare to plants with CF.

Degree of Resistance towards Diseases Attack