Sourcing for Organic Resources

We pretty know that Earth Foods will be widely used all over the world in the future. All this while, Earth Foods has been produced locally and being shipped to many other countries. This is the most common method but it seems not environmentally friendly as the shipment by cargo itself is energy consumable and causing the environmental issues. A part from that, shipment will incur additional charges on the production costs.

We encourage to produce Earth Foods locally. Hence, we proactively assist those Earth Foods supporters and users to set up their own Earth Foods factory as long as there is sufficient supply of Earth Foods raw material like green plant-based with stem fibrous substances locally.

According to the traditional compost making method, animal manure is the most commonly used main ingredient. Earth Foods only use plant base fibrous farm waste like leaf, stem, trunk etc as raw materials. The fermentation of plant base raw material into mature form of black powder is a tough and long process, but this is the uniqueness of Earth Foods technology that it takes only 7 days (in tropical country) for fermenting into fully mature fermented organic matters (black powder form).