Customized Formula

Targeted Users

Farmers who plant single crop in large scale.

Application Methods

  • KhaiEL will provide a customized Earth Foods formula which is different from Earth Foods Green, Blue and Red.
  • The planting method must follow exactly the SOP provided by KhaiEL.
  • There will be clear instructions of EF application weight, time and method in the SOP as well as the diseases overcoming methods.
  • The purpose of using Earth Foods is to revitalize the soil in order the replenish the soil nutrients content.
  • No other additional fertilizer is needed during the whole period of plantation or treatment process.


  • For instance, KhaiEL will provide a customized EF-Paddy formula for farmers who own large paddy field.
  • A customized formula is essential as different crops required different nutrients.
  • E.g. EF-Paddy formula are added with silicon element.

Product Customization

  • For some farming experts who are very confident with their own nutritional formula.
  • For example, a paddy farmers may have used chemical compound fertilizers NPK 15-5-18 for years and agreed that it is the best and most effective combination.
  • KhaiEL is able to produce EF of NPK 15-5-18 with additional trace elements, organic matters and beneficial bacterias.
  • Quantum Bio-Synthesizer is used to customize EF 15-5-18 requested by customers.