Enhance Efficacy of Herbal

Comparison of nutrition in ginger
(In every 100g)
Nutrients Ginger with EarthFoods Ginger with Conventional Chemical fertilizers
Calories 364calories 80calories
Protein 11g 2g
Fat 5.9g 1g
Saturated Fat 2.3g 0g
Cholesterol 0.0mg 0.0mg
Carbohydrate 66.7g 66.7g
Fibre 15.3g 15.3g
Sodium 87.9mg 13mg

Report No:AL 1511-A11196
Date:18. 11. 2015

Challenges in Ginger Plantation

Ginger cannot be cultivated continuously. A continuous cultivation will encounter diseases as rhizome rot, root-knot nematode disease, gray mold rot, ginger bacterial wilt, etc. that led to reduction of ginger yield.

Challenge (1) Continuous Cultivation:The land can be used again after harvest

Challenge (2) Toxic Free:No use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fungicide

Challenge (3) Nutrition:Increase activated organic substances as well as improve herbal efficacy in ginger.

Ginger Farming Procedure

In 2012, ginger farmers in Pahang started the ginger plantation with Earth Foods in 4 acres of land.

  • Soil Revitalization: bury 1 kg EF-Organic soil in each seedling point while ploughing the soil, cover EF with soil then watering the soil properly. Let the soil rest for 3 days. Watering again. Finally start planting on the 5th day.
  • Every other 2 weeks, apply 20g of EF-V on each ginger.
  • After the plant grows more than 2 leaves, start to spray L-PK (1:200 diluted) on the leaves once in every 2 weeks.
  • On the 3rd month, apply 20g of EF-V once in every 2 weeks.
  • From the 4th month, apply 30g-40g of EF-V once in every 2 weeks until the plants are ready for harvest.


During the 4 years, the ginger plantation was done successfully on the same piece of land continuously. This attempt confirms the Breakthrough in ginger plantation whereby the same piece of land can be used permanently.
Improved ginger quality (More spicy, better warming effect and higher medicinal values). Since Nov 2014, ginger were tested and its nutritional facts were found 3 to 5 times higher than normal ones. The medical values were highly improved as well. (Refer to the table on the right)

Improing medical values

Korean Ginseng

Korean Ginseng is found to possess the best medicinal value thanks to the special soil quality in its region. It is scientifically proven that the herbal healing effects are closely influenced by the organic substances, minerals and trace elements in soil.

By transforming conventional fertilizers into comprehensive smaller molecular-sized nutrients with Earth Foods, the herbal metabolism would be accordingly improved, which leads to enhancement of herbal quality (medicinal values). Furthermore, the cultivation process is free from toxic and heavy metal and guarantees its safety in medical application.

New Farming SOP for: Toxic- free, stronger and higher medicinal value Herbs!